Welcome to our STAY ADVENTUROUS Challenge!

Our goal for this company is to reconnect our amazing small communities through outdoor events and programs. Given what is currently happening in the world, we wanted to let you know that we HEAR you and 100% FEEL some of your frustration. Although we are following all recommendations, this does NOT mean that we will stop reconnecting ALL OF US or encouraging all of you to get outside of your comfort zones.


Our STAY ADVENTUROUS challenge is simple. We encourage you to stay active for at least 30 minutes every day by completing our daily recommendations. These recommendations are chosen to encourage you to improve your muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, positive mindset and of course your ability to complete simple educational tasks like using a map and a compass. All of these challenges will provide you a road map towards completing one of your adventurous goals - running a 5k or completing a solo day hike.  You don't have one of these goals or any goal?  Don't worry!  Reach out to our team and they will get you started!

Adventurous Mindset:

Move Your Body!


Lace your sneakers and walk outside for 30 minutes. You can make loops up and down your driveway, walk laps around your house or even walk your block (yes that's okay as long as you follow all of the health recommendations)

Adventurous Mindset: Move Your Body!

Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance can be gained by simply doing body weight exercises. This workout is meant for all ages but here are our modifications!

1). It doesn't have to be a race.

2). Set a goal. For example, today is the 17th so try to do 17 of each. 😁

⭐ Jumping Jack's. If you struggle with these (or children do) have them jump their legs out, and then put arms up).

πŸ”΄ Sit ups: focus on pulling your stomach up. Don't put your hands behind your head. You want to roll up.

πŸ”·οΈ Toe Touches. Bend your knees slightly if you have to. Its okay to just bend at the hips and reach for the floor.

πŸ€ Squats. You want to push your butt back so it's like your sitting back in a chair. Keep your knees near 90 degrees so they don't go over your toes.

Adventure Education - Map Skills

Today's recommended activity....learn or reacquaint yourself with your favorite park/trail map for many reasons.
1️). You can NEVER replace the security of knowing your map while you're out adventuring
2️). You will develop a list of trails/adventures you will want to do.
3️). You can use the above two steps to build your confidence to set a goal to complete X number of trails or even to complete a solo hike.
πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Don't forget that we are here to help you! Need help locating a map? Need assistance in reading a map or even how to use a compass? Be sure to check out our social stories on Instagram later or sign up for our Hike 101 class (that will be held as soon as the CDC gives the clearance).

Adventure Education - Compass Skills

Today's recommendations is to re-introduce yourself to using a compass. 🧭 Knowing how to use a compass can save your life when you're out on an adventure. Although your phones have one and there are plenty of apps that navigate trails for you, these do NOT always work (many parks have no cell reception - including @letchworthstatepark and the @adirondacks_ny ). Plus many of those apps are NOT accurate with their navigation.

DO YOU want to learn the basics and how to interest your kids?
1). Check out our Instagram information stories! We posted videos to show you the basics. πŸ“Έ
2). Teach them to you child(ren) then send them to a room in your house USING only the compass and paces. (Example: travel south 5 steps, turn east, take 10 steps, turn around noth, travel 15 steps. Get a snack from the bin on the counter. 🍎

Adventure Education - Camp Out INDOORS

Want to introduce your child(ren) to camping? The best way is to get them used to being in the tent so we like to put it in their "security" place like their bedroom . Make it feel more like camping by:
β›Ί making hot dogs for dinner
β›Ί sleeping bags
β›Ί flashlights
β›Ί app with campfire sound, crickets sounds etc
β›Ί and don't forget to make s'mores! (Food Network has a great one on their website).

Adventurous/Positive Mindset: Educate Yourself ALWAYS!

" It is never to late to begin living more courageously"
@brendonburchard .

Now is the time to set new goals and educate yourself on the necessary items to achieve those goals. πŸ’―πŸ‘Š .

Want to climb mountains? Want to be an ADK 46er? Or maybe even dream bigger and be an NE 115er?

Or maybe you want to finish a 5k? Run a faster half marathon? Or even dream bigger and complete a marathon!

Then take this "down" time and read all about them, Listen to podcasts, talk to others who have done it, research introductory challenges (LP9, Saranac 6), find a coach/company to help you and if hiking is your thing. study your maps. πŸ§­πŸ—Ί


I know it may not seem it now, but we will be allowed to do all of these thing again so when the time is right, be prepared and educated so you can go out and achieve them. ❀


Need ideas or recommendations? Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

--> Running related:

         * Rambling Runner Podcast

         * The Strength Running Podcast

         * Ali on the Run Show

         * Running Inside Out Podcast

--> Hiking/Kayaking

         * Kayak Hipster

         * Adventure Sports Podcast

         * 46 of 46 Podcast (ADK hiking)

         *Backpacker Radio

--> Personal Growth

         * Live Feisty

         * Rise Podcast

         * Straight Up with Tent Shelton


Adventurous/Positive Mindset: Be You. Be EXTRAORDINARY!

The sun doesn't ask permission to create an extraordinary sunrise. Why are y'all asking for permission to be extraordinary and to lead an extraordinary life.
Stop asking. Just GO be EXTRAORDINARY! πŸ‘Š

This is THE best time to start a daily journal of gratitude and goals. Sit down every morning with your coffee/tea/water and write 5 things you are grateful for that happened in the last 24 hours. Then write 10 goals that YOU will achieve in the next 10 years. Make it a habit. You'll notice a HUGE positive change in your mindset ALONG with how focused you become on achieving goals that matter to YOU. ❀

Need more information or help! Let us know and be sure to check out our blog related to goals and getting outside your comfor zone here

Adventurous Mindset: Move Your Body!

THINK ABOUT THIS -- it's the perfect time to set a goal related to running because...

❗️There is something special about looking yourself straight in the mirror on a random Saturday and saying; today is the day. Today is the day I start on my journey to becoming a runner. ❗️


We offer virtual training! Although the virtual training does not include all of our Young With Miles To Go or Passport to Positivity programs activities - it does provide the accountability, encouragement and most importantly the information to get you moving and training for a 5k.


Interested? Check out our blog section and read about our President's journey to becoming a runner and more!

Positive Mindset: Find Balance

Balance is not something you find, it is something you create.

It may be even harder to create that balance between all of your responsibilities right now.


Our recommendation is simple --> create the time. How? Here are our tips!


➑️ Get up 10 minutes earlier and watch the sunrise.

➑️ Turn the tv off and read a book
➑️ Sit on your lawn, deck, porch for 5 minutes and sip your favorite coffee, tea, drink and just listen to the sounds around you.


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