And so the adventure begins....

Welcome, friends! So many people have asked me, "Why an outdoor company?" or have said, "You know we live in Western New York and people hate winter right?" My response to both is pretty much the same... because it IS Western New York! I always follow that statement up with, "When was the last time you went outside for five minutes without an electronic device in your hand and just stood there? I mean really stood there, took in the sights, the sounds, and the smells. I bet you felt reconnected with nature and yourself, right?" Imagine that feeling every day, but better because you're engaging in a recreational activity, like walking in a beautiful setting you always thought about going to, but didn't because, well, you didn't want to go alone. OR imagine yourself engaging in an adventure activity-- an all day hike followed by a night of camping under the stars. I'm talking about real hiking and camping. Not the modern day-- drive to the lookout, walk in flip flop to the overlook, get back in the car to go stay at a hotel or in a camper. You're totally feeling pumped right now aren't you?!?! You're empowered. You're excited. You want to explore. Good news, that's why this is an outdoor company that does NOT focus on just selling you the equipment. Endlessly Outdoors Company was founded on the goal to educate you, empower you and to reconnect you with your community through our outdoor events in every season. Yes, you read that right. Don't fret! You'll love the winter adventure & recreation activities as much, if not more, than the summer ones. And so friends, neighbors and our beloved WNY communities.....let the adventure begin! #endlesslyoutdoors #reconnectingcommunitiesthroughnature #andsotheadventurebegins

Life should be full of moments like this!


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