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Our Top 4 tips to help you become a more consistent early morning person!

Today I got at 4am and ran as I watched the sunrise. Yesterday I slept until 7am. I’m a little irritated at myself that I can’t consistently get up when the alarm goes off.

It’s okay that I just hit the snooze 5 times, I’ll workout this afternoon. Then you end up working late. You tell yourself you’re too tired or let’s not forget you may have a family that needs your attention!

I was doing great for the first few weeks of the year but now…I wish I was more disciplined.

I really need to start walking…I’m gaining weight and that’s not healthy for me.

Is one of those you??

Well, first let me say, you are NOT alone! I’m sure if you asked the disciplined early morning runner/walker, they would tell you they ALL said one OR more of those statements at some point. But do not worry! I will give you the tips/tools and safety precautions to not only help you to become a consistent early morning person – but one who ENJOYS it!

Catching sunrises is motivating

FIRST – let me start by explaining WHY you should become an early morning person!

Being active first thing in the morning, before or as the sunrises, will automatically produce more physical and mental energy for your day because you MOVED YOUR BODY. Most often nature looks the best first thing in the morning – fresh snow fall, fresh rain drops on the grass, smell of spring flowers or crisp fall leaves. Since it’s dark or the sun is just rising, the only other people out walking/running are other disciplined walkers/runners. I promise they do NOT care if your outfit doesn’t match or if you threw your hair in a pony tail without combing it – which should reduce your anxiety/fear about how you look in general and how you walk and/or run. Lastly--- showing up at zero dark thirty makes you stick to the exercise routine in the long term because you are less likely crunched for time and/or feeling guilty for being away from family/work/friends.

Now you have the WHY, let us talk about HOW you get motivated to run early!

1). Alarm Clock. We are talking a legit alarm clock, not the one on your cellphone. Once you get that alarm clock, place it on the other side of your bedroom. Be sure it’s set for approximately 5 minutes before the time you NEED to get up. Now set your cellphone alarm for 5 minutes before your alarm clock. Your cellphone alarm will go off, you’ll hit snooze. The OTHER annoying alarm WAY across the room will go off. You’ll then drag yourself across the room to shut it off. Here’s the MOST important step. Walk OUT of your bedroom! Still struggling – put the alarm clock in your bathroom!

Alarm Across The Room

2). Be prepared. You are awake now and you don’t want to waste the time you could be out walking, running or whatever your choice of workout is – we call this dragging your feet into reasons to skip – by deciding what to wear or even trying to find the right clothing to wear. This may sound silly, but picking your clothes out the night before based on the weather you see is very productive. One, you won’t have to fumble around looking for that other sock the dryer may have eaten and two, you won’t be tempted to look at the weather conditions and back out of your workout (this is particularly important if you live in Western NY where it’s winter for 9 months and summer for 3).

Ready To Tomorrow's Workout

3). Be accountable. This is the ONE tip that has kept me showing up for my walk, runs and other workouts. You can keep yourself accountable by three ways. I recommend doing ALL three but even just one of these will keep you rising and moving before the rest of your neighborhood.

  • Don’t break the chain. Use an actual calendar and place an X or even a sticker on each day that you are get up and move early. Trust us, after two days – you won’t want to break the chain. Don’t forget to reward yourself by not breaking the chain too. New workout outfit? We think so!

  • Find a workout buddy and meet them at least ½ of the days your working out. You will NOT want to let them down by not showing up or calling to cancel. This will help you stay motivated and may even push you to walk/run/workout harder those few days.

  • If you CAN’T find a workout buddy you can still have someone hold you accountable. It could be your spouse, best friend, mom or even a co worker. Anyone who you can count on to text you to make sure you’re working out or who asked you during the day if you worked out. 9/10 you are not going to show up to work and have to tell them you were lazy this morning.

4). Have fun with it! Choose a route if you’re walking/running outside that passes interesting buildings, parks, murals or maybe even your favorite coffee place. If you are working out inside, pick music that is motivating or watch that show on the DVR/streaming channel. Do not forget audio books and podcasts too!

Although these four tips are amazing and people have been successful with making these little changes, everyone is different. You will have to find what works for you. But remember, the first couple days and even weeks will be hard. You will question your commitment and even your own sanity – Why am I setting my alarm for 4am?? 😊 However, your body will follow your mindset and do not forget. It takes a SOLID 30 days for a new routine/habit to stick and for your body to adjust.

I personally can attest to that. I went from a 8 am on the weekend and 6am on weekdays riser. I struggled to get up at that time but I struggled even more to stay committed to my afternoon/early evening workouts. And now after a solid year, I’m a consistent 4am riser at least 5-6 days a week, sometimes 7 if I know the sunrise will be epic. 😉

Miles and Sunrises!

Try it out for 30 days. If you find you’re still struggling go back and look at your nighttime routine. Are you going to bed too late? Are you on your electronics, eating and/or drinking caffeinated drinks to close to falling asleep? If you adjust ALL that and follow the tips, I’m sure you’ll be successful. Remember it’s all mindset and your commitment to keep showing up for YOU!

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