How's your balance?

It’s the midpoint of summer. Do you feel like you’re enjoying it or just doing all you can to cram in all the summer ‘fun’ you can?

I bet more of you nodded your head to the second part of that question than the first. Why? Because we live in a world where everyone has decided to just hit the pedal to floor and see how much we all can accomplish in a day, a week and even these two short months of summer. I get it. I’m even guilty of it.

You see, I’m a get up before the sun has even hit the horizon, million miles an hour ambitious goal driven person. I wanted to be THAT person at the dinner table who says, ‘oh yea well I did this, this, AND this today. Not so much anymore because, well, keep reading.

Seriously though, when did just sitting on a dock looking at jet streams become not okay? The answer, in my opinion, when everyone decided to start comparing themselves and their lives on social media. You so just nodded your head in agreement, didn’t you?

Seriously, when did just sitting in a beach chair looking at jet streams become not okay?

Think about this: when was the last time YOU did something in your daily life and didn’t post about it on social media. Go ahead…think harder, I’ll wait…. Don’t you find it a bit ‘crazy' that we have become such a look at what I did society that we can’t even go a full 24 hours without posting a gym selfie, our running data, what we ate for dinner, the amazing or irritating thing our kids did on social media.

Look at what I did -- I ran today!

No seriously, when was the last time you did something and simply lived in the moment. I’m talking you weren’t trying to take a picture of it so you can post it, you weren’t looking at your phone while cooking dinner, you weren’t hiking this trail or that mountain just to get that ‘social famous'’ picture.

You know exactly what I’m typing/talking about. When was the last time, you simply sat down and enjoyed the view?

When was the last time you did something for YOU? I’m talking, 30 minutes once a day, even once a week when you did something you love and just enjoyed it. For me, it’s a long run with scenic views or time on the water in my kayak. It is summer after all and there really is no better time of year to FIND THAT BALANCE between making waves and learning how to simply enjoy them. I encourage all of you to find that balance for the month of August.

Balance...getting better at it

Trust me, it will be the most enjoyable, relaxing, amazing moments of your summer. It will probably be the ones your talk about in the years to come, even though you never shared or maybe even never captured a picture of it. Hey, remember when we…


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